Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation Actions

Project Process Stage Project Process Step Project Document Section Monitoring Action

Stage 2. Feasibility Study

Step 2.4 Define Goal, Objectives and Outcomes

Feasibility Study Report: Goal, Objectives and Outcomes section

Define the project outcomes


Step 2.8 Assess the Feasibility of the Project

Feasibility Study Report: Assess the Feasibility section

If environmental effects or non-target risks found that result in adding an objective and outcomes


Stage 3. Project Design

Step 3.3 Define Goal, Objectives and Outcomes

Project Plan: Goal, Objectives and Outcomes section

Include outcomes in Project Plan.


Step 3.6 Define the Project Governance

Project Plan: Project Governance section

Define the reporting of the monitoring results


Step 3.7 Define Project Outcome Monitoring

Project Plan: Monitoring the Success of the Project

Define the indicators


STEP 3.9 Estimate the Project Costs

Project Plan: Project Costs

Estimate Monitoring costs


Stage 4. Operational Planning

STEP 4.1 Identify stakeholders


Decide and plan the consultation required for writing the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan


STEP 4.8 Plan the Monitoring

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Define details of measurements of indicators.


Stage 5. Implementation

STEP 5.3 Train the Team


Train the team


STEP 5.5 Source the Equipment


Get the equipment


STEP 5.8 Do pre-operational monitoring


Conduct baseline monitoring


Stage 6. Sustaining the Project

STEP 6.6 Conduct Post-Operational Monitoring


Conduct post-operation monitoring.


STEP 6.7 Complete a Project Report

Final Project Report

Report on outcome monitoring evaluation