Stakeholder Engagement

A stakeholder is an interested party to the project. They are people or organisations that will be impacted by the project, contribute in some way to the project or just have an interest in the project. There are a wide number of stakeholders and each will have their own needs and will need to be engaged in a way relevant to them at each stage.

Examples of stakeholders:

  • Communities living on the island or using the island for food and resources
  • Island visitors, e.g. tourists, fisherman, research scientists
  • Island land owners
  • Implementing agencies
  • Technical assistance providers
  • Funders
  • Government departments
  • Local government/administration departments

Community groups are key stakeholders in eradication projects. Their close connection to, and dependency on the island, mean that they may be highly impacted by the effects of invasive species and may be major benefactors of the eradication project. Being so closely associated with the location, communities will also be a major source of information on the project. Their support and involvement is vital to most eradication projects.