Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to pay to use the PII Resource Kit?
Answer: No. All content on the website is available for free for educational and conservation purposes. Users are, however, requested to acknowledge the source. See Terms of use for the conditions of use.
Question: Can the PII Project Process be applied to the eradication of invasive species other than rodents and cats?
Answer: Yes. The process and many of the supporting tools are not specific to rodents and cats and can be readily adapted to the eradication of other invasive species.
Question: Is the PII Resource Kit useful to project managers working on islands outside the Pacific region?
Answer: Yes. While aimed at the Pacific, the PII Project Process can be used in any part of the World
Question: How can I ask for help and advice on using the Resource Kit
Answer: See the contact us for how to ask PII for help.
Question: How do I request a DVD version of the Resource Kit? (Useful for using in the field when no internet is available)
Answer: Email a request for a DVD to PII - see the contact us page for the PII email