5. Implementation


The first phase (pre-Operation Phase) of this stage completes the preparation for the eradication operation, starts the Biosecurity work and performs the pre-eradication monitoring. In the second phase the eradication operation is undertaken.


Before You Begin

You will need:

  • The Feasibility Study Report
  • The Project Plan
  • The Operational Plan
  • The Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  • The Biosecurity Plan
  • To have read The Resource Kit - Implementation Stage Overview


Stage 5 Diagram Step_5_1 Step_5_2 Step_5_3 Step_5_4 Step_5_8 Step_5_12 Step_5_11 Step_5_10 Step_5_9 Step_5_7 Step_5_6 Step_5_5 Step_5_13