3. Project Design

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Type Name Description Size
Project Plan TEMPLATE Template Project Plan. To be used in the Project Design Stage. 292Kb

Worked Example

Type Name Description Size
Project Plan WORKED EXAMPLE Completed example of the Project Plan. 991Kb



Type Name Description Size

Guidelines for Project Managers Advice on how to run a project. 830Kb
Guidelines on Stakeholder Engagement Advice on how to involve stakeholders in the project. 540Kb
Guidelines on Monitoring and Evaluation Advice on how to monitor the outcomes of the project 599Kb
Guidelines on Rodent Surveillance Techniques Advice on how to detect the prescence of rodents. 1.4Mb
Guidelines on Cat Eradication and Monitoring Techniques Advice specific to eradicating cats and monitoring the project 909Kb


Further Information

Type Name Description Size
Expedition Field Techniques - Bird Surveys Bibby C., Jones M., Marsden S., 1998. A pdf document from the Royal Geographic Society on techniques for bird surveys.  
Bird census and survey techniques Gregory R.D., Gibbons D.W. et Donald P.F., 2004. A pdf version of a Chapter from Sutherland W.J., Newton I. et Green R. E. [eds.]: Bird Ecology and Conservation; a Handbook of Techniques. - Oxford University Press, Oxford: 17-56  
Project Management overview. Wikipedia overview of project management