2. Feasibility Study



Type Name Description Size
Feasibility Study Report TEMPLATE Template Feasibility Study Report. To be used in the Feasibility Study Stage. 283Kb
Biosecurity prevention trip checklist TEMPLATE A list of actions to complete before visiting an island to stop invasive species being transported to the island 39Kb


Worked Example

Type Name Description Size
Feasibility Study Report WORKED EXAMPLE Completed example of the Feasibility Study Report. 1.2Mb



Type Name Description Size

Guidelines on Stakeholder Engagement Advice on how to involve stakeholders in the project. 540Kb
Guidelines on Feasibility Study Advice on how to undertake the Feasibility Study Stage. 246Kb
Guidelines on Choosing the Correct Eradication Technique Advice on how to compare the different eradication techniques and select the one most suitable for your project. 270Kb
Guidelines on Cat Eradication and Monitoring Techniques Advice specific to eradicating cats and monitoring the project 909Kb
Guidelines on Biosecurity Advice on how to prevent invasive species invading an island. 624Kb
Guidelines on Rodent bait and baiting Advice on the different rodent baits available and how they should be handled. 617Kb
Guidelines on Rodent Identification Advice on how to identify the species of rodent. 417Kb
Guidelines on non-Target Species Advice on what you need to do if there are non-target species present on the island. 598Kb
Guidelines on Managing the Environmental Effects Advice on what you need to do to manage the impact of the project on the island. 460Kb
Guidelines on Consents and Permits Advice on what consents and permits you will need to secure permission to undertake the eradication operation. 274Kb
Guidelines for Project Managers Advice on how to run a project. 830Kb


Further Information

Type Name Description Size
Palmyra Atoll Rat Eradication assessment Trip Report, Project report by Howald, G. et al 2004, Unpublished report  772Kb