About the Resource Kit

What is in the Resource Kit


The Introduction provides a number of sections describing the background and context of the Resource Kit. These sections cover the background to the invasive species problem, how the Resource Kit helps solve the problem and some key concepts behind the Resource Kit. There is also a section on how to start using the Resource Kit.

Project Process

The instructions for how to use the Resource Kit are covered in the Project Process pages. For each stage, we provide:

  • an overview explaining the benefits of completing the stage
  • a diagram of the steps in the stage
  • step by step instructions for completing the stage.


For each stage, the Resource Kit provides supporting tools to help you complete the steps and stage. There is:

  • a set of template documents for each of the documents to be written.
  • a completed example for each of the template documents (based on a hypothetical eradication project).
  • a set of guidelines that contain advice and information on completing the various aspects of an eradication project.
  • further information on each stage, including example material from real projects.

There is also a Glossary of key terms and a Further Information section that is not specific to a particular stage but of interest to eradication projects in general. And finally, we provide a page where you can download the Resource Kit in a printable format or request a full version of the kit on DVD.

Note: Some of the Further Information are links to external websites; if running the Resource kit from the DVD you will still need to be connected to the internet to access the external Further Information.